1968 With the inception of TISI as a unit in the Department of Science to carry out standardization work, it was found necessary for TISI to collect foreign standards documents to serve as references in the development of Thai Industrial Standards (TIS).

1975  TISI has become a member body of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). With ISO membership, TISI has started to receive ISO standards and, on an exchange basis, foreign standards from standards bodies all over the world which are ISO members. With larger collection of standards, it was necessary for TISI to set up an actual library provided with responsible librarians and a budget for books procurement. It was also necessary to have a suitable classification system and the efficient service. A study visit to various foreign documentation centres was sponsored by UNDP. This could be considered a starting point for the real TISI library.

1979 TISI has become a member of the ISO Information Network (ISONET), a worldwide network of national standards information centres which have cooperation to provide rapid access to information about standards, technical regulations and certification activities currently used in their own countries..... Being ISONET member, TISI library has become a reference point for information about standards, technical regulations and certification activities operated in Thailand. TISI library is also in charge of answering technical inquiries on Thai standards received from other ISONET members..... The information received from ISONET members enabled TISI library to start the information service to the library users who were in need information on foreign standards. By joining ISONET, it was also the opportunity for TISI library to upgrade their work to the international system.

1980  TISI was upgraded to be a department under the Ministry of Industry. With the upgrading of TISI, TISI library was recognized officially as a section under the Technical and Foreign Relations Division..... At the same time, when TISI has become the national contact point for the FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme (Codex Alimentarius Commission).TISI library began to have access to Codex standards.

1982  The library service has been extended to other users such as manufacturers, exporters and interested persons. A microfilming system was introduced into the library to better the service as well as to save the limited space of the library.

1986  TISI library, with a view to increasing the its role in the information service, received assistance from the British Standards Institution (BSI) in terms of technical expert, a seminar to publicize the activities of the library, a study visit and a fellowship for information science study.

1987 TISI library, with the assistance from the French Laboratoire Nationale d'Essais (LNE), conducted an assessment on the need of Thailand to develop a technical help to exporters (THE), a service which consist mainly of information service on the requirements of the importing countries. Study visits of TISI officials in France were organized.

1987 - 1991  Under the Sixth National Social and Economic Development Plan of which one of the objectives was to assist the exporters, the Programme to establish "the Standards Information Centre" was prepared with a view to providing standards information to the exporters. The aim of the Programme was not only to improve the current library service but also to develop a database on standards for the purpose of improving the information service. For the purpose of developing the standards database, a primary study was carried out for the planning of the delopment of a Thai thesaurus for science and technology based on the Root Thesaurus and International Technical Thesaurus (ITT).  

1991  Thailand has become member of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). As member, TISI library has been receiving regularly the international standards of the IEC.


1994  With the computerized system provided under the ASEAN-EC Industrial Standards and Quality Assurance Programme, the library automation was introduced to provide the library service on LAN.
TISI library has implemented the new "International Classification System" (ICS) developed by ISO with the library collection.
To pubicize the service, the library has issued publications such as "TISI Standards Catalogue"( in Thai and in English), "New Standards", "Standards on CD-ROM and Microfiche" and circulated them to interested organizations on the mailing list.


1995  As a result of re-engineering of TISI, the official "Standards Information Centre" was established as a new division of TISI. The Centre has "Standards Information and Library Services" (the former TISI library section) as a subdivision.


1999 - 2002  Under the IT Master Plan of TISI, the library automation of TISI will be placed on INTERNET to provide the users with easy access to the standards information. 
The library automation on Web comprises the following modules:
  • Cataloguing Module
  • Online Public Access Catalogue Module (OPAC Module)
  • Circulation Module
  • Serial Management Module
  • Union Catalogue of Books
  • Union Catalogue of Serials /Journals
The TISI library automation on Web is aimed to increase the efficiency of TISI library in providing rapid access to standards information. With the link with other information centres on Web , the users of the TISI library automation will be able to enjoy a "one stop service"


2002  As a result of re-engineering of TISI, the Standards Information and Library Services subdivision was changed to the "Standards Information and Library Services Group".


2008 As a result of re-engineering of TISI, the Standards Information and Library Services Group was changed its name to the "Standards Information Administration and Development Group" and was moved officially to be a group under the Intermational Affairs Bureau (the former International Relations Division).


2013  As a result of re-engineering of TISI, the "Standards Information Administration and Development Group" was moved officially to be a group under the Information and Communication Technology Center.
2017  As a result of re-engineering of TISI, the "Standards Information Administration and Development Group" was changed its name to the "Library and Information for Standardization Group".

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