Frequently Asked Questions : FAQs
FAQs are compiled from library visitors and other interested persons who contacted the library through telephone, fax and e-mail. If you are interested in the library service, you may contact the library by telephone, fax and e-mail. Questions, which are considered to be useful for other users as well, will be posted on the website.

 Does the library have document delivery service either by post or fax?

The delivery service is not available. Since most of the books in the library are standards which are copyrighted, it is required that the users visit the library themselves.

 For the users who are not in Bangkok, is it possible to send someone to contact the library on their behalves ?

It is possible. However, the scope of service will be limited.

 What document is required for those who wish to use the library service?

The valid ID card, driving license, student card or other equivalent card is required in using the library service.


-> Last updated on : 2 March, 2016